The reality of mothers day.


Walking from my bedroom into the kitchen I find this:


Curious to what the surprise may be–I grabbed the bell.

I walked the hallway ringing the bell.

Smiling big.

From the closed bedroom door peeks my oldest daughter.

“Don’t come yet- mom. Triston peed his bed and he’s in the shower.”


This is Mother’s Day reality folks.

Happy day!

🙂 Kati


One thought on “The reality of mothers day.

  1. Ginger Blunk

    I love it!! What precious times!

    Dear Kati, you inspire me – even at my ripe old age of 55 – to be a better wife, mom and especially, grandmother. I can see the influence that is to be “shared” with children and grandchildren. Sometimes this influence is great and many other times it is very lacking… but God is good, as you know, and He rescues my honest attempts that don’t go as I planned! (As Rick says, “We all have influence – some are good influences and some are not so good, but we all have an influence!” Yikes! I pray I am more often a good influence, but there are days that I wonder.

    I pray for you and your beautiful family – as I pray for my kids and all my nieces and nephews – that God may touch each life, and that all may know His love and grace.

    I hope you are feeling stronger every day and that your surgery was not too involved or complicated.

    Blessings to you all… Aunt Ging

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