Let’s talk about sex, baby.


Cooking dinner I overhear them on the steps.

“You know, you are not defined by your purity.” That sweet man of mine says to our almost 15 year old who is reading passion and purity– (a book about love and letting Christ be in control)

Of course, being the momma I am, I pipe in:
“Well, we’re called to imitate Jesus and he calls us to a life of purity.”   That man of mine replies, “Yes, but that doesn’t define who you are.”

He goes on to say, “Many times Christian girls get so tied up in being pure – they forget it (being intimate) is a beautiful thing when you’re married. Being with your husband is what brings him home each night. Think about it, men are workers, hunters, manly… what brings them home? The love of their wife. I’ve seen it all too often: the good girls, so focused on being perfect, are afraid of sex because it’s “dirty” or “sinning” once they’re married. THEN, they have marital problems. Be pure, yes. But don’t worship it or let it define you. Be defined by a child of God and when you’re striving for that- purity comes. Be honest with yourself and talk with mom and I about issues you may be struggling with. When you don’t open up and be honest, the enemy makes sexual things impure and that will affect you for life.”

The wife in me was super impressed and a little humbled. It’s true, mommas. Talking about purity with our girls is a must! But, sharing the beauty of intimacy with their husband is a topic we should also embrace. Scary, yes!

Oh, if only someone would have told me: one day, someone will love you. They’ll love only you and you will be theirs, only theirs. And he’ll love you like Christ loves the church…

When I was young we NEVER talked about the “three letter word” So, I always thought love and sex went hand and hand- hey, that’s what I saw in the movies!  If you “loved” a boy, you do “that”. I KNOW! So sad. The truth is, nobody ever told me anything different. So, this led to lots of bad decisions and my heart being in a million different places before it finally landed with my husband. However, it was broken in a million pieces, prone to bad choices, and filled with regret. I just wish someone would have said:

Love isn’t defined by sex. Let’s talk about purity.

Learning right there next to you,


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