An easy way to clean your fruit and veggies


I know it’s organic- but someone picked up that apple, smelled it, and then put it back. You know it’s true.

And I hope they didn’t wipe their bum-bum without washing their hands before they touched the fruit sitting on your counter. 😉

Hey! This is reality here.

Just clean them. I know it’s a hassle, but it can be so simple.



* Cut a lemon
* Put it in the bag
* Place fruit in the bag and gently swish around
* Let it sit for just a bit
* Remove fruit
* Place the bag over a good ol’ fashioned mason jar to dry.

Repeat (with that same bag) next time.

Before you ask… No, you don’t taste the lemon 🙂 I even sometimes add vinegar. Both provide a bit of additional, natural disinfecting power.

Last but not least. Some books I’m loving over natural healing?


We’re talking everything from dry skin to PMS.

Man, nature is amazing. It’s like God knew what he was doing or something


Happy eating!