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Last thing, I know! It’s all “businessie” [i just made that word up] today! But I have a question for you?


Do you have cute little people in your life who make an awesome story? How about the most adventurous life ever? Do you simply drive to work with words in your head day in and day out? Are you, or someone you know just dying to pour those words onto a screen?

Please do! People tell me all the time: “I would love to write things I think of but creating a whole blog is not what I want to do.” OR “I’m scared to death. I love writing but have no idea how to run a website/blog.”

If this is you? I’d love to share your words. Have a story lying around? A new mercy or hope that crazy Jesus of ours has shared with you? Are you are wanting so badly to share that news with others? How about a parenting lesson you’ve learned the hard way? A story of loss that’s changed your life? I’d like to share YOUR story. Give me a shout!

You know what?

You’re wonderful.

Much love today & always!


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